What is Canexions?

CaneXions is a private networking club for professionals and entrepreneurs in the Canadian cannabis industry.

Why have a networking club?

To encourage community building at both the local and national level to support each other in our individual endeavours and collective success.

What do we do?

We are committed to providing our members a professional platform for building business relationships. Our mandate is to create cannacentric events for networking, education, professional development and social activities.

When do we meet?

Each group hosts regular monthly networking events. Because groups operate autonomously, events can have a variety of formats, reflecting the style of club leaders, members and local community needs. Additional events may be held throughout the month both locally and/or nationally at the discretion of club leaders, advisory team and head office personnel.

What are we located?

Our head office is located at Dvibz in North Vancouver, with local groups currently operating in Calgary, Edmonton and Vancouver.

How do we operate?

CaneXions is a Canadian, privately owned and operated networking club. As a grassroots, for-profit organization, we are self-supporting through our membership, sponsorship, ticketed events, merchandise and community partnerships. We believe in conscious and ethical business practices and endeavour to operate with transparency. Our marketing strategy is based on attraction rather than promotion.

How is the club managed?

Local group management is comprised of 3 - 4 person teams under the guidance of a team leader. All team leaders sit on an advisory board which meets via teleconference on a quarterly basis and contributes to the club’s ongoing and overall direction. The advisory board, website, social media platforms and membership are managed by head office personnel.

Who can attend our events?

Cannabis business professionals and those interested in participating in the industry are welcome at our events. Attendees must be 19+ unless stated otherwise. 

How do you connect with us?

We invite you to subscribe to our monthly newsletter and stay informed about upcoming events and initiatives, special offers and more. In addition to this website, our Facebook Group provides online information regarding our club, industry updates and opportunity to connect with professionals across Canada. You can also follow us on Twitter, Instagram and LinkedIn.

Can you sponsor an event?

Yes you can! Events cost money to put on and we rely on sponsorship from industry stakeholders to support us in serving our communities. We have attempted to give excellent value to our sponsors to show our appreciation for their support.

Do you have memberships?

While memberships are not currently available, we will be offering them soon...we are a networking club after all! For now you can join our mailing List and be the first to know!

Do you want to start a group?

If you enjoy event organization, team leadership and public speaking, are passionate about the industry, Cannabis and helping others, then we would LOVE to hear from you! Contact us and find out how you can help grow Canada's largest industry networking club! 

Have a question for us and the answer's not here? Contact us!